The Epilog Legend 24TT Laser is a very versatile piece of equipment that gives Forbes Precision one more way to completely fill our customer’s needs. It features a 24″ x 12″ work area and its accuracy is +/- .01″ over the entire table. We can engrave in very fine detail scanned photos, logos, bitmaps, text, and AutoCAD files. Essentially, if you can print it, you can engrave it. Keep in mind the higher the quality of the graphic you’re working with, the better your engraving results. In a machine shop setting the laser is quite often used to cut gaskets and engrave parts. Yet many materials can be cut such as: Wood, acrylic, Corian, delrin seals, plastic, leather, and mat board. Materials that can be engraved are: acrylic, anodized aluminum, painted brass, brass plated steel, glass, delrin, plastic, rubber stamps, wood, leather, Corian, melamine, and marble.